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Airocide Air Purifier

Praised by customers, we are highly engaged in offering an extensive variety of Airocide Air Purifiers (designed by NASA and FDA approved classII medical device) and Custom Built Air Sterilizers.

Apart from Bacteria and virus,Airocide eliminates all bio contaminants such as Endotoxins, Mold,Fungus,Allergens,Pollen,Smoke,Odour,VOCs etc.

Where there is no second chance, AIROCIDE is the only choice.

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Products Description

Airocide is scientifically advanced it doesn’t use a filter and is guaranteed to make you feel better. Airocide technology is proven with over 12 years of research and absolute results clearing the air in the Healthcare, Food, Floral and Wine industries. Airocide rids the air of virtually 100% of harmful pathogens by eliminating them completely, including the main allergy triggers: mold, fungi, pollen, dust mites, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs – the harmful gasses emitted by products like aerosol sprays, cleaning products, dry-cleaned clothing, paint, carpet, furniture and even air fresheners. All that’s left is pure, clear, crisp air. Harmful airborne pathogens and forces them into a densely packed matrix of highly reactive catalysts that are activated by a high intensity 254-nanometer light. The reaction destroys these harmful pathogens on contact. Nothing is captured so there is nothing to clean. All that exits is crisp, clear air, with zero ozone emissions. You’ll just replace the Reaction Chamber when indicator light starts blinking, usually once a year. All units utilize the NASA developed technology and handle any size room in your home. For best results, Airocide recommends placing a single unit in your master bedroom in order to create a near ideal breathing environment while you sleep.

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