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Magic Bloom Silver – Fish Farming Product

Fish is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and high-quality protein. It plays an important in the diet of billions of consumers in low and middle income countries. Many of these people are poor, malnourished and unable to afford alternative nutrient-rich foods such as fruits, eggs and meat.

Throughout human history most of the fish that people eat has been captured from oceans, rivers and lakes. But the total quantity of fish harvested from these sources are reducing due to overfishing and environmental degradation. Demand for seafood has continued to increase since, as urbanization and average incomes have risen globally. Aquaculture is filling the gap.

In different farming systems with super intensive types of aquaculture there is high stocking density and use of large quantities of formulated feeds for feeding purpose. With the use of larger density of fish in super intensive systems, larger amounts of fish faeces along with uneaten feed causes Eutrophication in the pond. This is a major problem in fish farming, because it triggers the growth of algal blooms disrupting the ecosystem consuming high amounts of oxygen and increasing the nutrient load in effluents. This results in spoiling of the water quality, reduction of oxygen available for fish to breath leading to stress and mortality of fish.

To control eutrophication and to reduce dependence upon formulated feed, we need to promote growth of live feed such as phytoplankton and zooplanktons. Phytoplankton is considered to be the primary food for all aquatic organisms of this. thus diatoms contribute the largest bio available food for fish and zooplanktons from the larval stage to harvest stage.

To meet the demand for live feed and dissolved Oxygen (DO) in the pond, Vrova Facets introduce a unique product MAGIC BLOOM Silver with micro nutrients formulated to increase growth of beneficial diatoms in aquaculture ponds to improve the pond ecosystem and to provide sufficient oxygen for zooplankton and fish.

Diatoms capture solar energy and produce a quarter of our planet’s oxygen. Despite their tough siliceous shells these phytoplankton are abundant food for copepods and are at the base of the marine food chain.

Diatoms are single-celled organisms with nuclei and chloroplasts. They live individually or forms chains, zig zags or spirals. The first diatoms appeared in the Jurassic age some 200 million years ago, as combinations of yeast-like organisms and algae. Over the eons, diatoms acquired new genes, shapes and complex metabolisms. They’ve become champions of photosynthesis while retaining many properties of animal cells. They convert carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphorous, iron and other organic matter into oxygen, food, and provide a healthy ecosystem for zooplankton, and fish to flourish.

Diatoms are the primary food source in aquatic food chain they have come in various shapes and sizes with yellow/golden brown/olive green colour.

In the initial part of their life cycle every aquatic organism needs micro sized feed. During early post larval development of fish high mortality occurs due to shortage of nano size live feed in pond water.

They fail to thrive on commercial dry pellet feeds because:

  • Size that won’t fit in the mouth.

  • Larvae thrive on food containing large amounts of amino acids, proteins, and natural autolysing (self-digestive) enzymes. Diatoms and zooplanktons fit easily in the mouth of larvae, supply all essential nutrients required and stimulate the feeding of the larvae.

  • The eyes of fish have internal rods like structure with more visual pigment in the retina and are able to see floating feed, but the eyes of larvae contain only cones in the retina resulting in reduced visibility. Live diatom with its yellow or green fluorescence has better visibility for zooplankton and fish larvae than pellet feed

  • Diatom and zooplankton in the water is more easily accessible to fish Larvae than pellet feed floating on the surface of water.

  • Live zooplankton also trigger feeding instinct of larvae by its continuous movement.

Benefits of growing diatom.

Diatoms pack nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, lipids, DHA, vitamin, minerals, fatty acids, amino acid providing complete and balanced diet for zooplankton and fish. In the initial stages fish larvae usually feed on Diatoms, later they will consume zooplanktons.

Increase of diatom and zooplankton population in the aquatic ecosystem improves the growth and survival of fish by meeting its nutritional demands.

Farmers have opted for floating pellet feed-based aquaculture to increase production levels in high density fish farming. However growth efficiency is less when using formulated feeds alone. Live feed is essential for providing many natural nutrients even in ponds where artificial feed is extensively used for efficient growth and high disease resistance.

Use MAGIC BLOOM Silver, a unique product from Vrova Facets, Bangalore with micro nutrients specially designed to grow and multiply diatoms in all kinds of aquaculture ponds.

Use MAGIC BLOOM Silver to grow and multiply live feed (diatoms and zooplanktons) for fish in the pond water. Grow Diatoms for healthy disease free and economic fish production. Diatoms in the pond also improves DO level.

Use MAGIC BLOOM Silver in all kind of aquaculture ponds for management of pond by natural method

Use MAGIC BLOOM Silver to naturally improve productive conditions in the water by promoting a healthy ecosystem for fish by eliminating toxic blue-green algae and other harmful planktons in the pond.

Use MAGIC BLOOM Silver to:

  • Reduce CO2, Nitrogen, Phosphorus in pond
  • Optimize feed usage and save 15-30% feed cost
  • Minimizes toxic gases & algae
  • utilise organic matter as food for fish
  • Reduce total dissolved & suspended solids
  • Improve pond water quality
  • Increase dissolved oxygen (DO) level
  • Reduce Biological oxygen demand

Use MAGIC BLOOM Silver two to three weeks before adding the fish fries to create an environment full of highly nutritious Diatoms and zooplankton and other useful microorganisms that improve survival and growth of fish.

Use MAGIC BLOOM Silver to obtain optimum growth and production in aquatic ecosystem by promoting diatoms that help in stabilizing the pond ecosystem and reduce fluctuations of water quality parameters. Diatoms help maintain aerobic conditions in water. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is maintained at high level helping the respiration of aquatic organisms, maintaining favourable chemical and hygienic environment in the water body

Diatoms maintain water at high DO level in the aquaculture pond which help the beneficial microbes that decompose organic matters, reduce toxic gases and heavy metals. Diatoms also reduce toxic substances viz ammonia-nitrogen and heavy metals in the pond water. Diatoms prevent the development of filamentous and toxic algae in pond water. A healthy diatom bloom provides proper turbidity helping reduce cannibalism. Diatoms compete for nutrients with other microbes and lowers pathogenic bacterial population.

A high diatom population will help exclude pathogenic or potentially pathogenic species, such has vibrio and cyanobacteria. A high diatom population will also minimize green algae. Minimizing green algae helps moderate the daily oxygen cycle to create more consistent oxygen levels. This results in a more stable water chemistry.

Diatoms are also highly nutritious for aquatic species and they are quite easy to “catch” allowing animals to feed with little wasted energy.

Use MAGIC BLOOM Silver for the growth, reproduction and survival of Diatoms which are the most important components in the aquaculture system. Proper utilization of diatom community in a pond eco system with proper management practices will enhance the level of fish production while reducing the cost of production of fish.