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Prefabrication Houses

Building your exclusive new home is easier, quicker and more economic than you probably think!

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Who wouldn’t dream of having their own Nest? But it is not at reach for everybody… Just because of the HIGH COST – LONG TIME CONSTRUCTION – MATERIALS UNAVAILABILITY… this list adds on…We see beautiful homes in magazines, brochures, advertisements and excite thinking this can be possible only in foreign countries. Thinking of the cost we even stop dreaming about it right?

But is there really a need to sacrifice our DREAMS…??? NO…Not at all required. When we can own our dream home at HALF OF THE PRICE – BUILT IN LESS TIME – HIGH DURABILITY – ECO FRIENDLY… what more is needed.

With a constant focus on innovation and progress, Vrova Facets offer you total prefabricated house design freedom, with imaginative, energy efficient buildings, all with high specifications, and utilizing advanced construction technology to produce environmental friendly buildings. A unique combination in the modular building industry. Delivering exceptional value for money, yet always without compromise on global regulations, materials or quality.

We treat every customer and inquiry, individually. Prefabricated houses and villas, prefabricated buildings of all shapes, sizes, designs and application. All available to the highest building specification imaginable. And with the added bonus of achieving up to 40% cost reduction over conventional (brick and block) construction.

Building your exclusive new home is easier, quicker and more economic than you probably think!


Once the plot or site for your new home has been found and confirmed, you can start by putting together some simple outline floor plans of what you require and envisage. Maybe even a sketch of the sort of style as well.
When your project is sufficiently advanced for you to have the architectural plans we will be pleased to then share them to enable u to make any changes if required and finally to get your YES!! Go ahead sign and also to provide us an outline guide supply cost quotation for you.
We will then prepare the full specification and drawing files (AutoCAD’s) for producing a detailed and itemized quotation (BOQ). Once the design and floor plans have been finalized the plans from conventional .dwg files (AutoCAD’s) are made into structural drawings for steel-frame prefabricated panelized construction.


With appropriate foundation designs the ground-works are started and the steel-frame panelized components being ready for immediate and rapid erection. All the included components, fixtures, fittings and finish of our standard selection, despite the name, are actually of a very high quality and specification, with only a few clients ever wishing to upgrade or specify individual bespoke elements or choices.
Every wall panel, (both exterior and interior) ceiling and roof panels – all of which are highly insulated for both thermal and acoustic performance, it also means choices of roof materials, finishes and colors. Plus choices of external wall finishes and colors too.


The assembly elements of our prefabricated buildings are made of High-strength corrosion resistant steel, with the walls, floors and roof and construction elements being fully accredited (e.g. ISO 9001:2008) and insulated in excess of all current building regulations and requirements for both thermal and acoustic performance. Our steel frame structures carry a 50 year Warranty.
The basis for the system is a variety of high-tensile, steel manufactured items that have been fully developed, tested and approved. When combined, they can create a wide spectrum of building shapes and can be adapted to suit any plans, designs or end user’s requirements.


It isn’t just about the exterior design and appearance or the structural quality either. Interiors are just as important to us and you of course. The interior is after all, where the vast majority of us spend our time.
From this point, after acceptance, we can then provide you with choices of colors, finishes, kitchens, bathrooms, fittings – of everything your home or building will require.


Numerous choices of double-glazed windows and door systems, and loads of exterior and interior doors in various materials, (e.g. aluminum with thermal breaks, PVC, wood) and of courses styles – Sliding, bi-fold, corner butt, tilt and turn, casement and options of items such as garage doors to be considered and chosen as well.
Then there’s internal floor finishes, such as choices of marble, laminate, wood block, ceramic and even carpet for some rooms. Options of different types of stairways, in steel, glass, traditional wood, spiral, contemporary, dog-leg returns not to mention all the electrics, fittings and plumbing, taps, and subject to specification levels, air-conditioning systems, solar powered under-floor heating throughout. It goes without saying there are numerous choices, styles and color options of fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms, shower equipment and fittings.
There is far too much to even start to show here, but each and every element can also be substituted for materials, fixtures and fittings of your own specification or choice.